A UCPM driven multi-sectoral civil protection capacity providing guidance and support globally for CH first aid during emergencies 

  • National meetings, international workshops and working groups for elaborating the terms of reference, legal arrangements and guidelines for the setting-up of a European multi-stakeholder (national and international entities, professionals and volunteers) and multi-sectoral (civil protection and conservation) capacity able to provide guidance to interested States for developing preparedness measures for the protection of cultural heritage during emergencies and to intervene globally, in case of international emergency, to support national response efforts of affected countries.
  • Specialised trainings and thematic workshops will lead to a tabletop/full scale regional exercise for testing the effectiveness of national Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as the¬† capability of international cooperation among the experts of the multi-national civil protection capacity

All throughout the PROCULTHER lifespan, our outreach strategy foresees regular communication flows for updating the relevant stakeholders about our progresses. Furthermore, an active presence in the social networks and the setting up of synergies with similar initiatives will support the efforts exerted by the project Consortium for involving as much as possible civil protection and cultural heritage experts coming from UCPM participating States and third Countries. Download our Communication and Visibility Plan