A European methodology for the protection of cultural heritage in emergency

  • After the project’s official kick off meeting in Rome in March 2019, the Consortium focused on setting up in France, Italy, Turkey and Spain the working groups by gathering the national stakeholders involved in the safeguard of cultural heritage in both phases of preparedness and response. Thanks to the contributions given by those experts, PROCULTHER switched to the inventory phase and organised four national meetings starting in June 2019.
  • This inventory activity ended on December 2019: the national working groups have been required to analyse the capacities that their Countries are able to deploy in the preparation and response phases and to specify which contribution they could offer at European and international level in this field.
  • On December 2019 PROCULTHER convened the national stakeholders to the international workshop in order to review the national reports endorsed by the respective working groups and to bring together existing experiences and capacities so as to provide elements for the elaboration of a shared European response methodology – including guidelines and SOPs – to address protection of cultural heritage during emergencies. Find out more on the Workshop results
  • The final phase is dedicated to test the tools developed through pilot trainings and technical support activitites in two interested States participating to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and one Third Country.

Throughout the lifespan of PROCULTHER, our outreach strategy is to ensure regular communication flows to update the relevant stakeholders on the status of the project. Furthermore, an active presence in the social networks and the setting up of synergies with similar initiatives will support the efforts exerted by the project Consortium in order to promote at best the methodology and tools developed and to involve other UCPM participating States and third Countries in the process. Download our Communication and Visibility Plan.