PROCULTHER Workshop – Protecting Cultural Heritage in emergency: defining a European methodology

On 10 – 11 December 2019 the Italian Civil Protection Department hosts the PROCULTHER International Workshop “Protecting Cultural Heritage in emergency: defining a European methodology”. This two-day meeting is the conclusion of a consultation process launched by the project in Italy, France, Spain and Turkey and aims at identifying the capacities that these Countries are able to deploy in the preparation and response phases at European and international level in the sector of safeguarding cultural assets in an emergency.

Representatives of the project partners gather in Rome with the purpose of identifying the capacities, resources and good practices of the intervention systems of these Countries for the protection of cultural heritage in case of emergency. The meeting results are enhanced by the presence and contributions of Paolo Iannelli and Anna Rutiloni (Italy), Lt. Col. Thierry Burger (France), Angel Luis De Sousa (Spain) and Nermin Uzunali (Turkey), experts from the partners’ Ministries of Culture called to contribute to the National Reports on the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in Emergency elaborated in France, Italy, Turkey and Spain.

Starting from the analysis of the results arisen from the National Reports, meeting participants point out the key elements for the elaboration of a European methodology for safeguarding the cultural heritage in an emergency, so as to laying the grounds for building a capacity on the safeguard of cultural heritage within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism able to intervene in international emergencies. The point of view of the project partner ICCROM ensures valuable contributions to the workshop outputs while the presence of Mr Edouard Planche from the UNESCO European Regional Office provides attendees with an international perspective on the topic. In conclusion, following the results that came out from the day before, after an update on the financial management of PROCULTHER by Villa Montesca, the last day is dedicated to a mid-term planning of the project activities to be carried out by the partners.

A photogallery of the event is now available here!

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