Updates on COVID-19 risk factors, impact on Cultural Heritage and tools

The initiatives of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the management of cultural sites in relation to the COVID-19 emergency

By Ing. Paolo Iannelli, Director of Service II, Emergencies and Reconstruction – General Directorate for Cultural Heritage Security, MiBACT
The COVID-19 pandemic, which heavily affected our country since March 2020 forcing it to a hard lockdown, has severely impacted on the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism – MiBACT expertise. Among the areas most affected within the Ministry’s competence, Tourism, has suffered the greatest damage and losses due to the  closure of borders and the ban on circulation within and between regions throughout the country […] Read more


“UNESCO is committed to leading a global discussion on how best to support artists and cultural institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and ensure everyone can stay in touch with the heritage and culture that connects them to their humanity.” A. Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO. In response to this worldwide crisis, UNESCO is taking action in four key areas: 1. Sharing Culture; 2. Assessing the Impact; 3. Support for Artists & Cultural Professionals; 4. Building Capacity Read more

ICCROM’s Tools for Identifying Risks, Monitoring Impacts, Assessing Needs caused by COVID-19 global crisis

By Aparna Tandon, Senior Programme Leader, First Aid and Resilience for Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis, ICCROM
ICCROM in collaboration with its alumni network has prepared templates for creating forms for monitoring impacts, assessing secondary risks as well as needs stemming from the ongoing pandemic. Share, customise and test them in order to gather data and help communities and governments to understand the impacts of this pandemic. Read more

Negative Consequences of COVID-19 for Cultural Assets in Turkey

By Dr.Deniz GÜNDOĞDU (ATASAGUN), Restorer Architect (MSc.) and Disaster Management (PhD) at Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism
During these hard times for people’s health and security, a major duty of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to consider the possible aftermath of this health crisis. Considering any unwise management of our fragile material cultural heritage caused by this worldwide crisis and facing its possible consequences is a good attempt at avoiding the worst outcome. Read more

Does COVID-19 Affect Cultural Heritage?

By Cristina Escudero, conservator of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Coordinator of the Emergency Unit for Cultural Heritage of the Region Castilla y León (UGRECYL)
I suppose more than one person will be surprised by this question since despite the evolving concept of “cultural heritage” that has considerably broadened particularly in recent decades, the general public still relates to cultural heritage in terms of the material components that form part of it, such as buildings, altarpieces, paintings, tapestries, old documents, and so on. Read more